What is combo card?

What is Combo Cards?

Combo cards are the range of cards that have the printing charges included in the Price displayed on the site. This means that the printing charge is included in the price of the card per piece. This eliminates the need for external calculations for the customers at the time of placing an order as the order value is a direct reflection of the price of the card for the number of cards required exclusive of shipping, which in turn allows for the order to be placed directly when the cards are selected. *

The Combo cards cover the entire range of wedding cards including, Hindu, Christian, Muslim and Multi-faith weddings, as well as other occasions such as Receptions, Engagements, Grahapravesham, Upanayanam, Sadabishekam, Shastiabdapoorthi, etc.


The customization for these cards incurs a change in price depending on the changes required for the order.